What Kind Of Flowers Should You Send To A Buddhist Funeral?

As Buddhism becomes an increasingly popular form of worship within the United States, you may at some point need to attend a Buddhist funeral. Besides the normal process of mourning a lost loved one, this type of event can cause additional stress or anxiety if you are not very familiar with Buddhist culture. You may, for example, find yourself wondering what flowers to bring or send, or whether they are appropriate at all in Buddhist culture. Thankfully, flowers are seen as a welcome gift during Buddhist funeral services, though there are a few traditional rules to keep in mind.  

Emphasizing White

Buddhism teaches that life is impermanent and death unavoidable, placing an emphasis on acceptance and commemoration rather than grief. Because of this, white is the usual color of mourning for Buddhists, symbolizing both loss and the hope of renewal. Lilies, baby's breath, roses, orchids and carnations are all commonly available in white for funeral arrangements and are both tasteful and appropriate for a Buddhist ceremony. White lotus blossoms are considered particularly sacred in this religion, so a spread or vase featuring them may be particularly well received, and live plants are sometimes a cherished gift as well. 

Knowing What to Avoid

Just like you might not send a wreath of black roses to a Christian funeral, there are some cultural differences to be aware of when planning for a Buddhist one. For example, red is a color of joy, celebration and vitality in many Buddhist cultures. It is therefore not considered an appropriate choice for use in funeral arrangements. Similarly, while monetary donations are often welcomed for the bereaved family, gifts of food are less welcome. Of course, if you choose a spread, you should also avoid the common imagery and designs in the shape of crosses. When in doubt, call a family member connected to the funeral planning to ask for more specific advice about what the deceased person liked and what the family will appreciate. 

Consulting With Your Florist

Now that you have a basic understanding of what is and is not acceptable for floral arrangements at a Buddhist funeral, you can begin planning the right arrangement for the event. Your florist will walk you through your options in sizes, containers, fresh flowers, delivery methods and more until you have settled on the perfect arrangement to convey your condolences. By doing your research ahead of time, you can rest assured that your gift will be greeted with sincere appreciation and admiration, leaving you free to mourn and remember the deceased individual without any fear of cultural misunderstandings.  

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