Can You Have A Small Wedding Ceremony And Big Reception? Yes!

For some couples, the choice between a large and a small wedding has no easy answer. Perhaps you want a romantic, intimate wedding ceremony but also want a big party. Can you marry these two concepts without offending anyone? The answer is yes. It's okay to have a small ceremony and a big reception. Here's why and how to do it. Why Have Different Size Events? The reasons to choose a different size ceremony and reception vary as much as the couples who do so.

Enjoy A Light Show

A light show may be featured during a holiday event, a cultural event, or at a tourist attraction. Light shows often use pixelated lights, LED technology, and strand lights. An event that is going to utilize lighting equipment can be mesmerizing to young and old attendees. Choosing A Light Show Type A light show may be held in one distinct area, such as in an auditorium or an outdoor courtyard. This type of show may require visitors to stand or remain seated while they enjoy the presentation.

3 Tips To Help You Select The Best DJ For Your Corporate Event

Everyone definitely wants to get the most out of their corporate event. However, this only happens when the event is well organized. So as you plan for a corporate event, you should consider several things. Besides paying attention to the location, guests, venue, and food, you should also prioritize music. Usually, good music sets an excellent atmosphere for your event. But for it to happen, you need to hire the right corporate event DJ.

Tips On How To Organize An Exclusive Event

There's something undeniably special about an exclusive event. Whether it's a select gathering of friends or a more formal affair with dignitaries and celebrities, exclusivity adds an air of intrigue and excitement that can't be beaten. If you're looking to organize your own exclusive event, follow these tips to make sure it's a success. Keep It Small You might want to keep your exclusive event small and intimate. Doing so allows you to create a more unique and personal setting.

Questions To Ask Before Renting Portable Toilets For Your Event

When hosting an event, you need to plan every aspect of your event, including the entertainment and catering. Most of all, you must make proper bathroom arrangements for your guests. Therefore, consider getting portable toilet rentals. However, many portable toilet rental companies are available, and selecting the right one may be overwhelming. So, asking the relevant questions can help you settle on the ideal porta potty rental company. Here are crucial questions to ask your portable bathroom rental company.