Two Wedding Venues To Consider When You're On A Tight Budget

One of the very first decisions you make when you are newly engaged is where you will hold your big event. It's hard to even pick a definitive date let alone make all of the other decisions that go into planning a wedding if you haven't confirmed a venue. And when you're on a budget, it can be even tougher to find the right spot.

Some people choose a traditional church service ceremony, with a reception to follow at a local restaurant or even the church basement. But many people nowadays are looking for reception and wedding ceremony locations that are more in alignment with their interests. Here's two budget-friendly options to consider.

A Local Farm

If your heart's desire is a rustic wedding, consider getting married at a farm. Many farming families are hopping on the wedding "haywagon." With a pastoral countryside backdrop, this venue is perfect for the couple who wants to wed in simplistic bliss. Farms that double as a wedding venue usually have a rustic barn, perfect for an old-fashioned, kick-up-your-heels barn dance. Another nice thing about this kind of venue is it leaves you open to choose the kind of caterer you want rather than having to go with a choice between chicken and beef tips at a chain hotel. Whether you want a barbecued pig roast, a seafood bar, or just an inexpensive potluck, the choices are all yours.

Small Town, U.S.A.

While you may live in a "Megatropolis," big cities can have a lot of downfalls when it comes to planning your wedding.  You will likely face steep competition when it comes to finding a venue that has your date available, especially if you want it on a summer Saturday night. Big cities can be much more expensive than a nearby small town. You may also not get much in the way of personalized service. Additionally, out-of-town guests can be reluctant to attend if it requires the stress and expense of getting around an unfamiliar city.

Look at a map and consider where all of your invited guests will be coming from. Try to pick a small town in a central location that will be convenient for everyone, and then start doing your research. So many little towns across America have that charming bed-and-breakfast or delightful, old hotel with a lovely wood-paneled banquet room. Locally-owned businesses are usually more than happy to welcome the unexpected revenue that an out-of-town wedding party will bring.