The Dos And Don'ts Of Ensuring A Good Turnout At Your Planned Corporate Event

Whether you are planning a huge holiday event to reward your employees for a long year of hard work or you have intentions of creating an event to attract attention from the community, the key to a successful outcome overall will always be in the planning. While planning for things like food and drinks, entertainment, and ample space are always important, there is one simple factor which means everything to the success of any corporate gathering. You have to ensure that you plan in a way that attendance numbers will be high enough to be worth your efforts in the end. Here are a few dos and don'ts to help you ensure you see a good turnout at your next planned corporate event. 

Do pick a time of day when most people can logically attend your event. 

There are certain times of day when people have more going on. For example, those with children often spend a lot of the early afternoon hours getting their kids from school or heading to after school activities. For this reason, it is usually a good idea to pick a time later in the day for the event to take place. 

Don't schedule the event during normal business hours. 

Normal business hours for most places are between eight in the morning and five or six at night. If you are planning a corporate event in which you want the community to be able to attend or you are inviting people from other businesses, steer clear of times that fall within the normal business hours time frame. 

Do check the local listings of community events before settling on a date. 

Local festivals, planned concerts, community gatherings, and other local events can easily get in the way if you do not take these events into consideration when you are planning your corporate event. Before you settle on a certain date for your event, take a look at community websites and checkout the event calendar to ensure there are no conflicting happenings in the area. 

Don't pick a date when many employees will be absent or on vacation. 

There are always certain months of the year when many employees will be making other vacation plans with their families. For example, a lot of working adults schedule major vacations around the time their children are on spring break or during the holidays so they can visit with friends and family members. If you pick a corporate event date around these times, you are bound to see a lack of attendance. 

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