3 Tips For A Team-Building Escape Room Exercise

An escape room is like a game where you and a group of people try to solve puzzles to get out of a locked room. They are fun for anyone, but they make excellent team-building exercises for employees because they force you to work together and communicate openly. If you are planning a corporate team-building event, check out these three tips if you choose an escape room.

Keep Teams Small

Invite all your employees to the event, but break them up into teams. These smaller teams will go into the escape room together to solve the puzzles. Make teams in advanced, so you don't have to scramble at the last minute. Consider if you want teams to consist of people from the same departments or if you want to mix employees, so people get to know each other better. By having fewer people in the room at once, it's easier for everyone to get involved. The goal is to work on communication and teamwork, but if there are too many people, not everyone will have time to actually voice their opinion or solve a puzzle.

Consider Friendly Competition

Since you're already creating teams, you may want to consider turning the event into a friendly competition. Perhaps the group that solves the puzzles the fastest win a prize or even just bragging rights. While animosity will destroy the work environment, healthy competition helps to boost efficiency and performance because people tend to do their best when they can lose. This also associates positive feelings with the company event and the company.

Debrief After the Event

While the event is taking place, keep it fun. You aren't at work, so employees need to be able to relax a little. However, once all the teams have escaped the room, it's important for everyone to get together for a debriefing. Remember, even though everyone was having fun, they were also learning communication and teamwork skills. During the debrief, you bring this to their attention, so they understand how working as a team in the escape room is much like working as a team in the office.

Team-building exercises are important for keeping your employees working together well. Escape rooms are a new and exciting opportunity to let your employees have fun while they learn. If you would like more information regarding escape rooms, contact one in your area and get a quote for your next team-building event.