Is Your Garden Club Hosting A Special Event?

Do you belong to a garden club in your town or city? If so, that probably means that you are not only a gifted flower arranger but that you are also interested in things that have to do with green industry. Being part of a garden club just means that you can rub shoulders with others who have many of your same interests. Perhaps you are the head of a garden club committee that is hosting a special event, maybe to raise money for a worthwhile charity. From planning the decorations to inviting a horticulture speaker, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a successful and memorable event.

The Setting - Where will you be holding your garden club's special event? If your group is a large one, you may be renting at least part of an event center. If it is small, you may even be hosting the event at your home or at the home of one of the other members. Either way, it's more than likely a given that the setting will include flower arrangements created by members of your garden club. 

However, you can give the arrangements a twist. Consider decorating the area with huge baskets of fresh or artificial flowers and placing them in strategic locations, maybe using some smaller arrangements as table centerpieces. Then, at the end of the event, you could donate them to places like nursing homes. 

The Speaker - In the past you might have hosted events where the guest speaker taught different styles of flower arranging, say the traditional Chinese method of arranging flowers. This time, consider inviting a green industry speaker. Consider asking the speaker to cover things like landscaping, the different types of trees that grow well in your area and how to care for them. If you think those who attend would enjoy learning how to actually prune their own trees, perhaps the horticulture speaker could actually do a demonstration for your group. 

The horticulture speaker may have special training in ornamental tree pruning or in landscaping with outdoor statuary. Another idea is to ask the horticulture speaker to address the care of annuals and perennials, and where to plant them in your own gardens.

As those who attend the event leave, consider giving each of them a party favor. A pair of whimsical gardening gloves and a small hand spade would more than likely be a perfect party favor. For more information, contact a company like Rita Perea Garden Communicator.