3 Tips For Planning Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception may be one of the largest events that you will have to arrange. This can lead to problems and oversights as you work through the various tasks and decisions that this planning process will involve. Luckily, you should find that you can minimize the stress and difficulties of this work through the use of several organizational and planning tips.

1. Have A Plan For Managing The Trash From The Reception

It is common for individuals to be somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of trash that is generated by their reception. This can lead to a number of issues as trash cans may become full and your venue's dumpster may be full. One way to help minimize these issues will be to avoid the use of disposable plates and utensils. Also, incorporating recycling bins rather than traditional garbage cans can help to make the trash more manageable.

2. Be Prepared For More Guests Than You Expected

When you are making decisions involving the venue, catering and seating, you may want to opt for slightly more than you had originally anticipated. This will increase the costs of your wedding reception, but it will avoid situations where you run out of space or food for the reception. While taking steps to improve the accuracy of your guest counts can help to avoid these situations, they can still occur due to extra attendees or individuals bring their small children with them.

3. Consider Deposit Payments When Creating Your Budget For The Reception

The budgeting process for the reception will be one of the more difficult and stressful aspects of the planning process. However, it is easily one of the most important steps in the process of planning your wedding reception. A common mistake for individuals that are preparing their first wedding reception budget will be to fail to consider the costs of the deposits that will have to be paid. These deposits can represent a sizable chunk of your budget, and it is important to account for them.

Planning your wedding reception will be an essential task for ensuring that your wedding is an enjoyable and successful event for those attending it. Despite the complexities and logistical issues that will come with planning the reception, there are relatively simple steps that individuals can take to make these challenges more manageable. In particular, if you plan to accommodate slightly more guests than expected, have a comprehensive plan for managing the trash from the reception and factor in the deposits to the budget, you will be better prepared for this organizational task. 

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