Is Your Daughter Getting Married?

Did you recently find out that your daughter will be getting married this summer? If so, you are probably having many different emotions, right? You might be feeling melancholy about the passage of time. At the same time, you are probably very excited that your daughter has found the man of her dreams and that you'll be gaining a son-in-law. A third emotion might be panic about getting ready for the wedding. From arranging for wedding rental services to arranging for catering, here are some ideas that might help you.

Wedding Rental Services - Will the wedding be at a church? If so, all you probably need to do in the way of decorations is to order flower arrangements for the altar. On the other hand, your daughter might have decided that she wants a garden wedding right at your home, with a reception in your garden. If that's the case, consider yourselves very lucky, as you'll be saving money. Also, consider it a compliment that your daughter wants to be married right at home. Of course, you'll more than likely need to arrange for party rental services.

For example, if the wedding service will be held in your back yard, consider renting a tent for that part of the wedding. Choose a lovely white one, just to add beauty to the garden. Another thing you'll more than likely need is chairs. Aren't you glad that now you won't have to rent metal chairs that aren't that attractive? Instead, think of renting white wooden chairs that complement the white tent. Will there be dancing at the wedding reception? If so, you can even rent a platform for that purpose. In fact, you name it and if it's related to a party, the rental service will more than likely be able to provide any item you need.

Party Catering Service - Even if you're a gourmet cook, consider arranging for caterers to prepare and serve the food. You won't even need to do any cleaning after the reception is over, as the caterers will do that. Maybe you already know exactly what you want served at your daughter's wedding reception. If not, the caterers will have many different menus for you to choose from. Decide if you want a seated more formal meal or a more casual buffet. 

As you plan your daughter's wedding, consider buying a binder with dividers in it. This will help you keep track of things like party rental receipts and other documents.