Outdoor Event Seating Rental Ideas

When you're holding an outdoor event, it's important to consider your guests' comfort throughout the day or night. Although it may be a casual affair surrounded by nature, your friend and family members will still need a welcoming place to sit while eating, socializing, or just resting after a flurry of exciting activities.

You can hold almost any type of special event or occasion outside, including kids' and adults' birthday celebrations, wedding receptions, family or corporate holiday parties, family or class reunions, bridal and baby showers, and anniversary, or graduation soirees.

A variety of outdoor locations can act as backdrops for the events, such as lake or ocean beach fronts, local, state or national parks, botanical gardens, country barns, vineyards, golf clubs, and even a friends' backyards. No matter where the party takes place, be sure to put comfortable, as well as aesthetically pleasing, seating elements at the top of your event-planning list.

When picking the perfect seating arrangements, consider how much space you have, if inclement weather is a possibility, and your budget. For instance, if the event is being held during the rainy season and you'll need to erect a party tent as well, choose a seat that you can easily move if need be. You don't have to worry about purchasing all of the seats, as you can rent exactly what you need from a professional event rental service.

Here are some outdoor event seating options to consider:

1. Chiavari Chairs 

Easy to set up, move around, and stack if not needed, Chiavari chairs are one of the most common types of seating elements used at both indoor and outdoor events. These high-backed chairs come in a variety of colors and materials, such as white or clear resin, natural light or dark wood, or black wrought iron, depending on the event theme.

Chiavari chairs can be set up in rows during a wedding ceremony, or at long banquet-style tables during a lunch or dinner. They're both lightweight and durable and work for everything from rustic or elegant events. 

2. Sofas and Loveseats 

If you're hosting a sophisticated soiree, such as at a 5-star hotel poolside or on a rambling vineyard estate, a combination of soft, luxurious sofas and loveseats will add to the overall ambience. Make sure that the seating elements are made of outdoor-rated materials, such as bamboo and water-resistant cushions. 

Arrange the seats in ways that encourage guests to interact and engage in conversations, such as in groups of four facing each other, or two on either side of a table for holding cocktails and small plates. For more information, contact your local party seating rental company.