How To Launch A Grassroots Lobbying Campaign For Literally ANY Cause

Grassroots lobbying is the process whereby you reach out to all of the people in a particular state or region and urge them to take a stand on an issue. Rather than getting a handful of people together to march on a state or national capitol and lobby the representatives in their offices directly, you are filling the ranks with hundreds to thousands of others who sign petitions and call their representatives to make their wishes on an issue or topic known. If you know that some issue or topic near and dear to you is currently on the agenda in government right now, you can launch your own grassroots lobbying campaign. Here is how. 

Rally Volunteers with a Similar Opinion

You will need the help of at least a dozen other like-minded individuals to get the ball rolling here. Once you have those volunteers, everyone is going to take a section of the "white pages" of a phone book for the whole of your state and start making calls. You want to talk to as many people as you can about what is happening in government and ask every individual if they are willing to rally with you. They do not have to be coerced or convinced, but you can ask them if they would like to be connected directly to the governor's office where they can leave a personal message in regards to this one issue. The more people you can get to leave a personal message, the bigger the message to the governor, and the bigger the impact, you can make. 

Hire Demonstrators for the Cause

Every time a bill passes to a house of government, the demonstrators need to march. They should march outside, and they should march inside the state capitol. If you know which representatives are undecided, the demonstrators should be marching around the office doors of those officials. Direct lobbyists meet inside office doors to speak directly to the officials, but appointments are difficult to get. Indirect, grassroots approaches are as effective because the officials/representatives are still able to see how important these issues and topics are to the people. You can sometimes hire crowds on demand to help with your cause. 

Go Door to Door Where You Live

Go door to door where you live. Talk to people face to face. If a petition would help, create a petition and ask for signatures. Otherwise, present them with flyers, if they are interested, so that they can contact the governor's office and the representatives for your county and region of the state.