A Beautiful And Unique Way To Celebrate Your Union

Doves are considered a symbol of peace, love, and unity. Imagine a group of birds being hand-released outside of the chapel that you and your spouse were married in and then being able to capture footage of the beautiful creatures as they fly gracefully above all of the attendees. This is a unique way to celebrate your union and can be used in place of standard rice or confetti throwing.

Doves Are Trained To Return Home

Bird handlers work extensively with the  doves that they raise to ensure that they are aware of their roosting spot and will be able to safely navigate their way home, after each release. Each dove that is utilized in a social setting will have a navigation device secured to it. This allows bird handlers to keep track of the doves while they are in flight.

A typical dove release will be held on a clear, sunny day. This will assist with navigation and will also allow attendees of an event to get a clear view of the birds as they circle around the area that they were released from. Doves are kept inside of cages during a social event and will only be taken out of their confines when it is time to conduct a release.

A Trainer Will Allow Others To Handle The Birds

If you decide to host a release on your wedding day, you will need to decide how many birds to utilize for the event. You can select one bird or many birds and can integrate your verbal statements into the presentation. Maybe, you and your spouse would like to be the ones who officially release the birds or maybe you would like each person in your wedding party to be involved in the event.

Contact the owner of a dove release entity to discuss your plans and to learn more about how a release operates. If you or others will be holding onto the birds, prior to the release, a bird handler will demonstrate the proper way to secure a bird in one's hands. Each person who will be responsible for releasing a dove will need to be gentle when handling one of the birds so that the doves do not become alarmed and try to escape prematurely.

Tie a brief speech into the release. You and your spouse can address everyone who attended your wedding and give a statement about the undying devotion that the two of you experience for one another. Afterward, inform your guests that a dove release is about to take place. This will enable others to capture footage of the event, if they would like to look back at the release at a later date.

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