Comparing Indoor Vs. Outdoor Wedding Venues

When you plan your wedding, you'll need to decide whether you want to have your ceremony indoors or outdoors. Both locations have their benefits and disadvantages, depending on the specific circumstances of your special day. Your choice will also depend on the details of how you want your wedding to be. Here is a look at what to consider before opting for an outdoor or indoor venue.

1. Photography options

Wedding pictures are a major part of the event. You'll save and cherish these images for the rest of your life and share them with the people that you care about. It's important that the setting of your wedding allows for the pictures to come out properly. Outdoor weddings will have natural lighting, which will give your wedding photos a great natural look.

Indoor venues will often not be as bright, but you can get a nice look in your photos through flash photography. Some people even prefer the more dim look that indoor pictures depict.

2. Space for guests

When you have an outdoor wedding, you'll typically have much more available space than an indoor venue can provide. If you plan on having a lot of guests at your wedding, possibly even inviting children, it will be a lot easier to accommodate your guests if you choose an outdoor location. However, many indoor wedding venues are big enough to host hundreds of guests and are ideal if you have a long guest list.

3. Weather

While it's great being outdoors for a wedding, it is impossible to control the weather. Temperatures that are too high or low, or sudden storms can put a damper on an outdoor ceremony. You wouldn't want your guests or participants in your wedding to have to deal with extreme heat or cold. You also risk everyone getting their expensive outfits ruined by bad weather.

If you choose to have your wedding at an indoor venue, you will have the benefit of being able to control the temperature of the room. You also won't have to worry about stormy weather ruining your big day.

4. Time restrictions

Indoor venues will typically allow you to use their space for your wedding for a set amount of time, depending on how much you paid. If you have an outdoor wedding, it will typically be a similar situation. However, if you have your wedding at an outdoor space such as a backyard, or a public space, you'll be able to stay there with your guests for as long as you please.

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