3 Ways To Use Audio Visual Equipment To Increase Audience Engagement At Your Conference

When you put on a conference, you don't want everyone to sit there uninterested, counting down the minute until their next break. You want the audience to be engaged with what is happening on the stage and invested in the presentation. Half of that struggle is booking the right talent to speak at your conference, and the other half is all about using the right audio-visual equipment that will get people engaged with the content.

Way #1: Interactive Polling

You don't just want your audience to listen to your presenters; you want them to engage with their presenters. A great way to achieve that is with interactive pooling. You can have the audience answer questions and provide responses over apps or clicker systems in real time that relate to what the speaker is saying. This information can then be shown on a screen on the stage, allowing the presenter to respond to the audience's feedback in real time.

This type of interactive polling can be used to assess the audience's understanding of a topic, to see what the audience thought about an idea that was just presented, or to present a fun game or quiz to increase audience interaction.

This audio-visual service can enhance your presentations, especially if you inform the speakers ahead of time about this interactive element and work with each presenter to create engaging, interactive content that will help drive their presentation.

Way #2: High-Quality Speaker System

There is nothing worse than being at a conference where you feel like the speaker is up on a stage, droning on. With an inadequate speaker system, it can be hard to hear the speaker and become immersed in the message.

When you rent a concert-level audio system, the audience will not just hear the speaker; they will feel like the speaker is sitting right next to them. Any videos or music your speakers use in their presentations will feel like it is wrapped around the audience. It is much easy to be engaged in a presentation when the sound wraps around you.

Way #3: Multiple Screens with Video Effects

Finally, never underestimate the power of visuals to enhance the audience's engagement. Your stage should include multiple screens, and you should work with your presenters to make sure that they use the screens throughout their presentations. They can use the screens to show short videos, images, and animated logos. Using videos will help you reach the visual learners in your audience.

Increase audience engagement at your next conference by utilizing corporate audio-visual rental services. An interactive polling system, high-quality concert-level audio, and video screens can help take your conference to the next level.