5 Outdoor Company Parties Perfect For The Covid-19 Era

Is your company looking for a way to rebuild the team spirit among employees in a safe environment during 2020? With Covid-19 fears and exposure risk still strong in most communities, gathering for a company party could seem like an impossible idea. But you can do it even while keeping people safer. How? Take the company party outdoors, where risk is minimized and people can enjoy socially distant fun. 

Here are a few ways to do this for any size company.

1. Go Golfing. Golf is one of the sports with the least amount of personal contact, so a golf tournament is perfect for the pandemic era. Arrange very small groups who agree to abide by social distancing etiquette, and send them out in staggered teams. Most golf courses have already taken steps to ensure guest safety, so you have an ally in keeping people healthy. 

2. Organize a Concert. Outdoor concerts provide people with the chance to sit down and enjoy some relaxation. And a small outdoor concert is easily crafted in a way so as to promote social distancing. Use a large, open grassy area and set out blankets and a basket to note where each employee should sit to enjoy the concert. 

3. Have an Old Fashioned Picnic. Look to the past for some inspiration in unprecedented times. Set up a grill and provide plenty of large tables where people can sit and still enjoy some distancing from co-workers. Organize a few races and competitions that avoid lengthy personal contact, and provide prizes to add to the fun. 

4. Arrange a Scavenger Hunt. Scavenger hunts bring people together even while they keep them apart. The scavenger hunt could be on foot or in cars, and it might take your staff all over town. Use a fun party theme or create a narrative that relates to how your company is weathering a difficult year. 

5. Meet at a Garden. Outdoor gardens are a popular place to get together in a safe environment. Professional outdoor garden areas are relaxing and beautiful, and they provide much of what you'll need for the party — including socially distant seating, outdoor dining areas, restrooms, and parking facilities. This is perfect for an evening event or a more formal atmosphere. 

Which of these company party ideas could boost the morale of your employees? No matter what you choose, getting people together can be fun and productive even in the current circumstances. Learn more by consulting with a corporate event planner in your area today.  v