Questions To Ask Before Renting Portable Toilets For Your Event

When hosting an event, you need to plan every aspect of your event, including the entertainment and catering. Most of all, you must make proper bathroom arrangements for your guests. Therefore, consider getting portable toilet rentals. However, many portable toilet rental companies are available, and selecting the right one may be overwhelming. So, asking the relevant questions can help you settle on the ideal porta potty rental company. Here are crucial questions to ask your portable bathroom rental company.

How Much Do You Charge for Your Portable Toilet Rentals?

During event planning, you'll probably create a budget dictating how much you're willing to spend on portable bathroom rentals. Therefore, establishing the charges for the mobile toilet rental service is crucial. Nevertheless, note that the rental costs vary depending on the number of portable toilets, the venue's location, and the types of portable toilets.

For example, renting more portable toilets will cost you more than renting fewer ones. Additionally, the longer the distance your toilet rental company covers to deliver the portable toilets, the higher the cost of their services. Moreover, hiring portable toilet rentals with luxury features such as stylish sinks with running water cost more than standard toilet rentals. Therefore, consider these cost factors to make money-conscious decisions.

What Types of Toilet Rental Services Do You Offer?

Different portable bathroom companies offer different services. For instance, some companies will offer delivery and set-up services while others leave the delivery up to you. Additionally, some portable toilet rental services provide toilet cleaning services during the event. Furthermore, some services will offer disassembly services after your event and carry the portable bathrooms back to their storage.

Likewise, your mobile toilet rental company may provide repair services if you experience a toilet emergency like a blockage. Nevertheless, these additional services usually come at an extra cost. In this regard, determine the services that your preferred portable toilet company provides to plan your event accordingly.

How Long Can I Rent Your Portable Toilets?

While some companies rent out their portable toilets for as long as the client demands, some rental services have strict terms. For example, after a certain period elapses, the rental company may need you to renew your contract. Such companies inspect the condition of their portable toilet rentals after a given period and adjust their contract terms accordingly. Thus, understand the contract period, especially if hosting an event for a long time to avoid inconveniences.

The questions to ask your portable toilet rental company should address their charges, services, and contract period. Ask these questions to get suitable portable toilet rentals for your event. For more information on portable toilet rentals, contact a company near you.