Can You Have A Small Wedding Ceremony And Big Reception? Yes!

For some couples, the choice between a large and a small wedding has no easy answer. Perhaps you want a romantic, intimate wedding ceremony but also want a big party. Can you marry these two concepts without offending anyone? The answer is yes. It's okay to have a small ceremony and a big reception. Here's why and how to do it.

Why Have Different Size Events?

The reasons to choose a different size ceremony and reception vary as much as the couples who do so.  Small ceremonies can significantly cut costs. They open up more potential venues, including nontraditional ones. You can limit the guest list to only those you're closest to or those who will follow rules like not using cell phones during the ceremony. And it simplifies this important aspect of wedding planning. 

What Are Some Pitfalls?

Of course, every wedding day choice has its own potential pitfalls. The most common concern is how to not invite many people without offending many of them. This can seem even more insurmountable if you want to have a large reception afterward. And of course, family members (often parents who are paying for things) may make it more difficult by asserting their own agendas. 

How Can You Avoid Problems?

You can prevent some of these common pitfalls with the right planning. Many couples find that things are easiest when they plan the ceremony and the reception on different days. This makes things less awkward for all.

You can also confirm a small ceremony venue with no room to expand. In fact, many guests will be the most understanding of this limitation than any other explanations. And of course, you could elope or plan a destination wedding. Either of these options feels like a natural limitation on size even if it's artificially designed. 

One of the most important keys to successfully avoiding angry guests is to be consistent. Keep your ceremony attendance very limited and avoid making exceptions for people with whom you're not very close. If you apply the rules to everyone in a fair manner, fewer people will feel singled out.

Where Should You Start?

Where can you learn more? Start by touring wedding ceremony venues and providers in your target area. With their guidance and expertise, you'll soon find the perfect place to say intimate nuptials no matter what size party you want to follow it up with. Make an appointment today.