Is Your Daughter Getting Married?

Did you recently find out that your daughter will be getting married this summer? If so, you are probably having many different emotions, right? You might be feeling melancholy about the passage of time. At the same time, you are probably very excited that your daughter has found the man of her dreams and that you'll be gaining a son-in-law. A third emotion might be panic about getting ready for the wedding.

Tips For Hiring A Mixologist For Your Event

Are you looking for a mixologist for your next event? If you want to hire someone to serve your guests but are new to hiring a mixologist, you probably have a lot of questions. The fact is, how well or how poorly liquor is served at your event can make all the difference to its success. You really cannot afford to make a mistake. Here are some questions to consider that may help you avoid running into problems.

3 Tips For Planning Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception may be one of the largest events that you will have to arrange. This can lead to problems and oversights as you work through the various tasks and decisions that this planning process will involve. Luckily, you should find that you can minimize the stress and difficulties of this work through the use of several organizational and planning tips. 1. Have A Plan For Managing The Trash From The Reception

Is Your Garden Club Hosting A Special Event?

Do you belong to a garden club in your town or city? If so, that probably means that you are not only a gifted flower arranger but that you are also interested in things that have to do with green industry. Being part of a garden club just means that you can rub shoulders with others who have many of your same interests. Perhaps you are the head of a garden club committee that is hosting a special event, maybe to raise money for a worthwhile charity.

3 Things To Consider When Picking A Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding be both exciting and on occasion stressful. There are a lot of decisions to make when planning this major celebration. Whether your wedding is going to be a small intimate affair or a big party, choosing the right wedding venue is a must. You want to find a venue that matches your vision while also suiting your needs, being the right size for your guests, and staying within your budget.