Is Your Garden Club Hosting A Special Event?

Do you belong to a garden club in your town or city? If so, that probably means that you are not only a gifted flower arranger but that you are also interested in things that have to do with green industry. Being part of a garden club just means that you can rub shoulders with others who have many of your same interests. Perhaps you are the head of a garden club committee that is hosting a special event, maybe to raise money for a worthwhile charity.

3 Things To Consider When Picking A Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding be both exciting and on occasion stressful. There are a lot of decisions to make when planning this major celebration. Whether your wedding is going to be a small intimate affair or a big party, choosing the right wedding venue is a must. You want to find a venue that matches your vision while also suiting your needs, being the right size for your guests, and staying within your budget.

3 Tips For A Team-Building Escape Room Exercise

An escape room is like a game where you and a group of people try to solve puzzles to get out of a locked room. They are fun for anyone, but they make excellent team-building exercises for employees because they force you to work together and communicate openly. If you are planning a corporate team-building event, check out these three tips if you choose an escape room. Keep Teams Small

Tips For Using A Motivational Speaker

Reserving the services of a motivational speaker can be an integral part of hosting a workshop for your employees. While these professionals can help to deliver a message that can motivate your employees to perform at their best, you may not have much personal experience when it comes to reserving these services. If this is the case for you, there are some important tips that you should consider to ensure your experience with these services is as smooth and productive as possible.

All The World's A Stage: How To Get Your Kids Ready For Their First Live Theatre Performance

If you love live theatre and you have children, you probably want to instill that same love into them. One way to do that is to expose them to live theatre productions at an early age. If you wait until they're too old, you could miss the opportunity to ignite that spark that open your kids up to the joy of the theatre. It can be a bit frightening to take your child to their first live theatre performance, especially when it comes to choosing the right age.